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College Counseling and Financial Planning 90-Minute Consultation With Today's College Solutions Just $67! Perfect for Families with a High School Sophomore or Junior. Includes a $50 Gift Certificate and Test Prep Study Guide!
 Today's College Solutions
 660 Hampshire Road, Suite 116 Westlake Village, CA 91361

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What's the catch
  • Promo value expires on 5/1/20
  • No cash back
  • Can't combine with other discounts/offers
  • May  purchase one per family
  • Appointment required
  • Failure to give 24-hours notice of appointment cancellation may result in forfeiture of certificate
Deal Features
  • 90-minute college planning session and consultation for families with high school sophomores or juniors
  • Includes $50 gift card and choice of ACT or SAT study guide or private scholarship book
  • College admission is different today than 25 years ago; it is competitive and BIG BUSINESS
  • College is typically the 2nd most expensive purchase you will ever make; don't do it alone
  • Learn how to find a college that is the right fit for your child
  • Includes strategies for saving money on tuition
  • Learn what merit-based aid is and how to get the most grant money possible
  • Recommendaitons for classes, community service, honors and awards, summer programs and internships, and activities
  • Can start this process at any age, BUT IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!
  • Ten plus years of experience in college counseling
  • Inside scoop: Rob and his daughter met with Today's College Solutions when his now college Freshman daughter was in high school and it saved him thousands of dollars and helped his daughter get into her dream school.
About this Deal

Sure we save you $50 on beauty treatments here and $100 on services for your home there. But with today's deal, the savings are literally on a scale that will change your life. Not only that, the information that you will gain about the college process will be life altering for your child. In fact, I don't think it is an exaggeration to say today's deal may be the most important Conejo Deal that you will ever purchase.


Here's why.


Most college counselors are experts at understanding the "get into college" game, but aren't experts on the economics of college. And most financial planners are experts on finances, but not on colleges. This is where Today's College Solutions' Darryl Zilberstein, a licensed financial planner and attorney, comes in. Darryl and his team are experts in both. Not only do they guide your family toward a college that is right for your specific child, but they can help you figure out a way to fund college without jeopardizing your retirement. They know where the FREE money is and can steer you away from the seven biggest mistakes parents make while navigating the college process without a compass. Darryl guides his clients through the college maze so that at the end of the day students will have taken the types of classes and engaged in extracurricular activities that will help them get them into the school that is right for them. It is never too early or too late for a high school student to meet with Darryl


My brother Rob and his high school daughter Shaylyn met with Darryl and were astounded by the amount of information that he had, and that they did not have. As a result of their session, Shaylyn is now at her dream college in a way that is financially manageable. (In addition to being an exceptionally bright guy, Darryl and his team are warm and easy to talk to.) 


Plus, when you meet with Darryl and his team, you will get a $50 gift card (yep, he is saving you $$ already!), and your choice of a test prep book or private scholarship book.


 Thanks for continuing to spread the word about Conejo Deals, 




Wendy and Rob




P.S. If you have any questions about Rob's experience, you can shoot him an email at